Artist Statement

Eric Eickmann paints portraits invoking the archetype of Woman.

I address the female form with respectful insight to the architecture of sexuality, vulnerability, and the rawness of power.

“Painting is cutting out all pain.eickman-web-6215

The visual and tactile are the same.

Art is feeling and energy.

The absurdity of making pictures is transcended.

I don’t know where my own misery and another meet or separate.

On the surface I search for a resolution.

It seems largely unresolvable.

Then an angel reaches down and strokes my head.

The resulting peace solidifies in form.

Formlessness folds in and amongst the lines.

I am lost in the color and meaning of symbols.

I consume the media and feel the culture of beauty.

I want to drink the skin presented by electrical pulses turning on pixels.

The data of our lives is a secondary bridge.

Possible evolution of consciousness.

Energy doesn’t evolve.

Energy just is.”

~ Eric Eickmann, March 2015

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